Stephen E. Roulac’s extensive experience over four decades as primary advisor to major decision-makers in all facets of business and real estate investing.Few other experts come close to matching his expertise or his breadth and depth of knowledge in commercial and residential real estate,” according to San Francisco Business. The world's leading authority on the economic productivity and strategic importance of the places in which we live and work, he is the CEO of Roulac Global Places, LLC, a strategy and financial economics advisory firm, with offices on three continents.  Stephen serves as the Chief Investment Strategist and Senior Portfolio Manager of Roulac Global Funds.


A leading academic, he is Professor of Global Property Strategy at the University of Ulster in Belfast, recipient of numerous awards for his research, and past president of the American Real Estate Society. He has written over 400 articles and some 20 books, many considered landmarks.  A highly entertaining and provocative professional speaker, he has delivered keynote presentations and training sessions to some 600 organizations.  His credentials include BA, Pomona; MBA, Harvard; JD, Berkeley; and Ph.D. in strategy/finance from Stanford; plus the AICP, CPA, and CMC designations.