Help us identify this Mystery Building

Mystery solved! A big thanks to member Rani Chehal for identifying the following building in the photo as "The Golden Temple" located in India. Read more of the fascinating details that she gives about the building below. Please mail any unidentified buildings that you may have in your collection to our webmaster and have fellow members help you to identify them!

"This building is the holiest building for Sikhs (followers of the Sikh religion). I know this because I am Sikh, and have visited there many times. It is called "The Golden Temple". It is located in Amritsar, India. That is in the Indian state of Punjab, which is where Sikhs are most populated. This is called a "Gurdwara" which is the same as saying "church" for other religions. There is a lot of history on this building, also it is not just the gold building seen, it is enclosed by the surrounding walls and four gateways (as one is seen on the side of the picture) these four gateways (one is the north, south, east, and west) symbolize that all people of all races, castes, creed, or religion are welcome as long as you remove your shoes and cover your head with a scarf. It is truly one of the most magnificent buildings in the world (it is on the top ten list of the BBC world wonders). It is very peaceful and when you go there you see people from all different countries sitting by the holy water pool, with their feet immersed in the water, and just meditating or reading. Male Sikhs are most commonly identified as those that where turbans on their heads (not all sikhs do this)... but as we have found after 9/11, we have been mistakenly identified as Muslim. Which is also a beautiful religion but 90% of the people in the world that wear turbans are Sikhs, not Muslims. Just some info on the religion and the people."

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