View of downtown San Francisco from the Coit Tower


SBCS San Francisco Convention 2002

The 2002 convention took place from June 21-23 in San Francisco and was a huge success! A record 86 enthusiastic building collectors, friends, and spouses attended the "rolling party" which covered much of the Bay area. The following 35 pictures were contributed by SBCS member Bob Kneisel, he did a great job of capturing all the excitement of this jam-packed weekend. Anyone else who would like to share their photos with the group please contact us by e-mail.

The Ace Architects Exhibit
The evening kicked off with dinner at Jim and Judy Tyree's before heading over to view the Ace Architects collection on view at the United Airlines Terminal at San Francisco airport.

Bob Epstein, Marvin Wong, Mark Dittenbir and Pat Smith enjoying the ride to view the Ace Architects exhibit at the San Francisco airport.

Anthony Tremblay and Judy Tyree gather with the group in front of the airport.

Anthony Tremblay, owner of Microcosms, smiles for the camera.

Dixie and Bill Trainer head into the airport with Martin Phillips and Darron Copeland.

The group begins to gather and prepare to pass through the strict airport security.

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