SBCS San Francisco Convention 2002

Art Ratner looking thrilled to be showing off his impressive collection.

An Evening at David and Margaret's Rancho Diablo
The 2002 convention concluded with a bang at Rancho Diablo, home of Margaret Majua and David Weingarten and the Ace Architects collection. A buffet style dinner was provided after a few hours of haggling and swapping little buildings and viewing the 4000+ souvenir buildings in 'The Building Building'. The raffle commenced after electing new officers for 2003-2004 and everyone left with at least one new addition for their collection.

Members gather after dinner at Rancho Diablo and await the evening festivities to begin.

David Weingarten and Anthony Tremblay look over the dozens of buildings up for raffle.

SBCS members wait patiently for the raffle to begin after electing new officers.

David Weingarten accepts a special building from Anthony Tremblay.

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